Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment Review

A word of advice, never play a game and then leave it a few months (I do this loads), you will forget everything that has happened. So after starting the game from scratch again so far the story is extremely confusing. I have only the slightest clue as to what is happening. I mean I watched and extremely enjoyed the SAO anime series but only part of this is making any sense to me what so ever. Something about an admin room in a semi-connected area called the “Hollow Area”.

To me this game really needs to be on pc, the way the hot bars in game by holding either L1 or R1 and pressing the corresponding buttons just don’t feel right. If you’ve ever played for example: DC Universe Online or Warframe, both of which are on both PC and PS4, you know that they play much better on PC. Now I know Hollow Fragment is not an MMO but the core fighting mechanics make it feel like one, the controller just doesn’t sit right in this game.

  I know this review is short and didn’t get to any point but I’m just so confused as to how this game plays and what the story is about. I just don’t feel like continuing playing this game.

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