Attack on Titan / A.O.T Wings of Freedom Review

After watching the first season of Attack On Titan I just wanted more. Now almost two years later A.O.T. Wings of Freedom is released and it is everything I wanted! But is it all that great?

The story mode is fantastic, every little detail from season one is added with a little extra thrown in. I’m really enjoying zipping around playing out the story but the problem is you just end up doing the same thing over and over again. Combat becomes repetitive, find a titan, lock on to any limb and swing around in a circle till the reticule turns red, then attack. You can not just grapple or attack any part of the body which sucks. Cutting off arms and legs help immobilize the titan so you can go for its weak point, the nape of the neck. All of that becomes tedious once you play as a character that can do multiple attacks in one swoop.

Which brings me onto the next problem. Skills and stats. Skills are obtained by gaining xp you earn through missions. The problem? Not every character has the same abilities, so once you find a character that has a multiple attack combo you’re set for the entire game. As well as each character having different skills/abilities, they have different stats like strength, determination and so on. You get that combo strike and find a strong character (Mikasa Ackerman is OP) then you can fly through missions as if it’s nothing.

Multiplayer is where I think this game is at it’s best but is still no better than the story mode. You can host or join a lobby and fight titans together in different areas and mission on the map, which is great when you and your friend decide a titan is in your way, you both multi combo it to death in half a second. This is where my previous point about the tedious, repetitive gameplay ruins it. There is currently a bug where if your recording device setting are setting in a way other than default then the game crashes.

Final little gripe although not necessarily a game breaking feature is the fact that the game was brought over to the west without an english dubbing of the voices. Yeah you get subtitles but it breaks what little immersion you’re clinging on to. Some of the NPC’s will walk over to you and speak to you in japanese without any subtitles showing up, so I have absolutely no clue as to what is being said.

You know I really like the idea of the game but there is nothing to make it stand out and I don’t believe the game is worth a full AAA title price.

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