Upsolom Review

“Upsolom is the first of our atmospheric and minimalist adventures focusing on exploration and mood with light gameplay elements. Power on your machinery and dive into Upsolom, jump, hover and find things.”


I was browsing for indie games on again and found this to look quite interesting so I gave it a download. It’s free so why not.

I started up the game and after the splash screens it just went straight into the game. No screwing about with menu’s and stuff just straight to the good part.

I had the reins and I stood there for a moment, familiarizing myself with the room I found myself in. I noticed a terminal looking thing and I strolled over to it, I found out through my curiosity the terminal exits the game. So that was my first session.

I relaunched the game after realising my error, ignoring the terminal I had examined and headed to the terminal straight ahead of me and upon reaching it the floating icon disappeared and reappeared above this mech suit at the end of the room. The floor hatch opened and I looked down to see a futuristic city.

I got excited and without hesitation dropped through the hatch and landed smoothly on a rooftop. I dropped from some sort of spaceship. I looked around in amazement, buildings dotted around in a subtle colour palette and I felt calm yet excited.

I became curious again as I tested out the movement (move with WASD and jump with spacebar), I found out if you press and hold spacebar you have a jetpack-like propulsion that lasted a few seconds. This is my chance I thought so I leapt for the nearest rooftop and misjudged the timing and fell into the abyss. If you fall you start back in the ship you first spawned in.

I proceeded to activate the mech suit and drop through the hatch and this time I was going to take my time with the jumps. I started exploring and I could hear a loud mechanical hum to my right so I traversed the building I was on, I found another terminal. I don’t know what it activates but I assume from the Gif image on the game’s webpage that it lights up a light on a wall/door in the ship.

I decided to climb to the top of the building, although minimalist in style the game provides the player with a beautiful relaxing view.

On a final note I’m going to continue to play around and see what happens when you activate the terminals. Also when I mentioned that this game is free, it is free, if you choose not to donate. I suggest you download it without donating and if you feel its worth it, throw a few dollars GranaDa Studios way as I’m sure they will be grateful.

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